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Dawson Traders Limited UK and Pakistan

Top-Notch, All-Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Supplier Worldwide

Our Story

Dawson Traders Limited was established in London, UK in 2018. Dawson Traders (SMC-PRIVATE) Limited was established in Lahore, Pakistan in 2021. At Dawson Traders Ltd., we are the leading global supplier of 100% natural, food-grade Himalayan pink salt, ePoxy tables and its related products.

Where Our Salt Comes From

Our Himalayan pink salt is exclusively mined in Pakistan. We extract pure Himalayan pink salt in bulk from the Himalayas. Our experts then export the Himalayan pink salt in a safe manner to our valued consumers as per their needs.

Who We Serve

We have been in the Himalayan pink salt game for more than a decade. We currently serve a whole range of top-grade brands, importers, wholesalers, and retailers under the scope of Edible Salt, Home Décor, Health and Fitness, and Furniture industries. Let our professionals assist you now!

How We Are Different

·        We Are Authentic

At Dawson Traders Ltd., authenticity is a critical component of our business ethics. Authentic consumer relationship is the founding principle of our company. Thus, we move mountains to manufacture and supply pure Himalayan pink salt and its related products.

·        Our Products Are Handcrafted

We manufacture and supply handcrafted Himalayan pink salt products. Every aspect of our innovative product line reflects a “sensory experience” for our customers. Browse through our original products shaped by human hands now!

·        We Aim for A1 Quality

We use our best resources and technology for the production and supply of premium products for our valued customers. Our team aims to deliver an aesthetic look, feel, taste, sound, and smell on every occasion. Contact our experts for a quote now!

Our Products

·        Himalayan Pink and White Rock Salt

We are the top-rated Himalayan pink and white salt company worldwide. We mine, manufacture, and supply the best quality Himalayan pink and white rock salt, which is edible. We devote the latest technology to extract bulk Himalayan rock salt from the Himalayas and transport them to our valued customers.

·        Himalayan Pink and White Rock Salt Lamps

We provide handcrafted, unique, and designer-curated Himalayan pink and white rock salt lamps in an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and textures. Contact our experts and let us take care of your versatile home décor needs at affordable prices.

·        Himalayan Pink and White Rock Salt Furniture

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of top-quality Himalayan pink and white rock salt furniture such as salt tables, salt cooking plates, salt bricks, salt candle holders, and more. Treat yourself and your loved ones with our exclusive products now!

Handmade ePoxy tables and other ePoxy Products

Homemade epoxy tables are a piece of hybrid home furniture, made up of epoxy resin in between wooden planks.

Here is a guide to creating unique homemade epoxy tables.

Let’s start with the essentials. At Dawson Traders, we suggest considering the following information to create custom homemade epoxy tables.

  • Size
  • Wood type
  • Layout
  • Resin color
  • Leg style
  • Finish type

Here is the complete process to create beautiful homemade epoxy tables.

#1 Size

The size of your handmade epoxy table depends on your space and use. Make sure to consider the thickness of your table, as well. Get in touch with a professional epoxy table maker to choose the right size for your space.

#2 Wood Selection

At Dawson Traders, we have a wide range of age-dried, kiln-dried, and low-moisture timbers, including:

  • Character Oak – Gentle edges with straight grains
  • Burred Edge Oak – Beautiful planks with burred edges
  • Burr Oak – Rare and wild edges and patterns
  • Character Elm – Medium brown planks with interesting grain patterns
  • Burr Elm – Smooth planks with wild edges
  • Yew – Wide yellow/orange planks with imperfect grains
  • French Walnut – Soft brown planks with smooth grains
  • Olive – Thick yellow planks with unique grain patterns
  • Mahogany – Brown planks with a natural luster
  • Walnut – Dark brown planks with tight grains
  • Deodar – Straight grain planks with uneven texture
  • Teak – Close-grained hardwood planks
  • Ash Wood – Light brown coarse-grained planks

#3 Layout

Layout determines the final look of the homemade epoxy tables. We suggest choosing one of the following layouts:

  • Classic River – A central river with outer wooden edges
  • Resin to Outer Edge – A full plank with straight resin edges
  • Single Slab – A large wooden plank cast in resin

You can also choose another layout as per your taste. Get in touch with us today to choose the right layout for your space today!

#4 Resin Color

The choice of resin color depends on your personal taste, type of space, and other home furnishings. Choosing the right color can breathe life into your empty space, so choose accordingly.

There are many special effects, as well. These effects are produced with alternate colors and include (but are not limited to):

  • Ocean Theme
  • River Flow
  • Deep Sea
  • Molten Gold

#5 Leg Style

There are many wooden or steel leg styles to select from. Leg style also depends on the size, layout, and overall appearance of your table. Get in touch with our professional epoxy table makers for bespoke ideas.

Here are a few common leg styles (but are not limited to):

  • X Legs
  • Large X Legs
  • A Frame Legs
  • Wooden Tapered Legs

#6 Finish Type

We suggest the following finish types on our homemade epoxy tables, including:

  • Satin & Gloss Finish – Gives a satin look to the wood, while giving a glossy look to the resin
  • Appears natural
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Full Gloss Resin Finish – Gives a full-glow look to both wood and resin
  • Waterproof
  • Costly
  • Matte Finish – Gives a matte look to both wood and resin
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard wearing

Receive a quote today!

Designing your own homemade epoxy table has never been this easy! Check out our collection of homemade river tables today! Get in touch with our professional contractors at Dawson Traders to receive a quote now!

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